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Stonehenge Tour Options - Day tours to Stonehenge from London

Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and Bath

Stonehenge, early morning Enjoy a private tour of Stonehenge, Europe's most most famous pre-historic monument with shaped stones weighing up to 45 tons, erected almost 5000 years ago. Your expert guide will explain the different theories of construction and purpose. You will also have the time to get up close to bronze age burial chambers.

Visit Salisbury Cathedral, a medieval church with England's tallest spire. See the Chapter House containing a copy of the World famous magna carta sealed by King John in 1215. Tour the World Heritage City of Bath with more listed buildings than London! Visit The Roman Baths and museum, the most well preserved suite of baths from ancient times. Plunge pools, hot springs and the sacred spring can all be seen. Your guide will make sure you get the most from your visit. Bath Abbey, the lantern of the west is a wonderful church with its impressive fan vaulted ceiling, and elaborate west front. Explore the most elegant Georgian crescents and squares.

Stonehenge, Avebury and Ancient burial chambers

Avebury stone circle Enjoy a private tour of Stonehenge as above. Avebury is one of the most important megalithic monuments in Europe. The 28 acre site perimeter is enclosed by a huge circular ditch and has stones weighing over 75 tons. Maybe Avebury is a sacred site celebrating fertility? Avebury is regarded by some experts as the cathedral and Stonehenge a mere parish church of ancient monuments. Explore inside a “Long Barrow”, a dark ancient communal burial chamber and discover its secrets. Silbury Hill, the largest man made mound in Europe, also dates back 5000 years. Could it be the burial place of an ancient warrior king? Visit a village pub and discuss the theories with your guide. This tour is for those who enjoy the mystery of prehistory, the countryside in this region is just studded with hundreds of pre historic monuments some famous, some it seems are forgotten.

Stonehenge, Old Wardour Castle and Longleat

Old Wardour Castle - lunch time picnicEnjoy a private tour of Stonehenge as above. Wardour Castle is rarely visited due to its limited access. The unusual hexagonal ruins of this medieval castle stand in beautiful landscaped gardens by Capability Brown. This is a firm favourite with children and the perfect place for a picnic lunch, Wardour Castle is truly magical. Tour the rolling Wiltshire countryside and see pretty villages.

Longleat House is one of England's greatest Elizabethan mansions, an architectural fairy cake of beautifully carved stone motifs with sparkling panels of glass. The estate features Britain's first wild animal safari park, residents at the park include; a famous pride of lions, a white Tiger, Wolves and a very mischievous troop of Rhesus monkeys. We can also get lost in the Worlds Longest Hedge Maze and have fun in the Adventure Castle.

This tour is great for families - this tour is also perfect for a romantic day tour for two.

Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury CathedralTour Windsor castle, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's weekend home, although not exclusively used at weekends. St George's Chapel, a Royal chapel and burial place of many of England's and Britain's Kings and Queens. The chapel has also been used for Royal marriage ceremonies and funerals. Architecturally, St. George's Chapel is very special indeed, a real gem, making it one of England's most beautiful places of Christian worship. The chapel is also the head quarters of Britain's most prestigious order of chivalry - The most noble order of the Garter.

Windsor Castle - copyright britainonview.comTour Queen Mary's dolls house, the 1/12th scale building has a wine cellar, otis lifts that work and a marble entrance hall decorated with lapis lazuli. The construction took 1500 craftsmen three years and is truly perfect in every tiny detail.

Salisbury Cathedral is one of Europe's greatest medieval buildings. Visit the chapter house containing one of four original copies of the Magna Carter and marvel at the famous 13th century frieze depicting the old testament. Time permitting visit the Salisbury museum. The collection is fascinating and includes the bones of a bronze age man discovered in a ditch at Stonehenge, a neolithic tool kit and an ancient battle-axe. Finish the day with a private guided tour of Stonehenge, Europe' s most famous neolithic monument.

Stonehenge, Winchester and Corfe Castle

Winchester Cathedral - with chantry chapel on rightEnjoy a private guided tour of Stonehenge with your expert guide. Tour Winchester Cathedral, the most important church historically and architecturally in the region. The arms or transepts of Winchester Cathedral date from the 11th century, and featuring round arches with thick cylindrical columns. The nave and choir were built in the later gothic style, the length of which is over 535 ft, once the longest church in England. Winchester Cathedral has a series of strange mortuary chests containing the bones of some of England's early Kings, who ruled over this land over a thousand years ago. The church is also famous for its elaborate chantry chapels and last resting place of one of England's greatest novelist, Jane Austen. It is not surprizing to learn that the City of Winchester, was once the Royal capital of England. Enjoy a private guided tour inside Winchester Cathedral with your expert guide.

Corfe Castle Drive through the rolling countryside to Corfe Castle. Corfe is more than just a castle, it is a thriving community, with pubs, shops, guest houses and restaurants. Corfe Castle is picturesque romantic ruin, almost innocent but, as you explore your guide will enlighten you on the dark secrets of the castle. You will be following in the footsteps of Kings, Knights, Soldiers, Prisoners and Murderers.

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